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Alec gets hurt fanfiction

org or the AFF forum take no responsibility for the works posted to the Adult-FanFiction. But now, there's nothing of Xavier left. The girl started reaching for Alec, wanting to be near him. He sees Alec’s normally stoic hazel eyes, break. I've known plenty of parabatai in my lifetime. . ” Alec pulled the plug out and moved to stand but Magnus stopped him and picked him up. Adult-FanFiction. “We’ve got to call Magnus!” Alec tried to shake his head. “Alec, C'mon,” I crouched in front of him placing my hand on his knee, “we will find him. Alec was thrown across the room and into Well guys, it's fanfiction day. Standing on the dock, flanked by two other members of the Guard, is a man unlike any man Alec has ever seen before. "Jace, Why don't you and Isabelle go get some tea? I think Alec would appreciate some as well?" He suggested, in a tone that was more of an order than a suggestion. " Replied Ellio Magnus gets hurt, Alec is losing his shit and Izzy gives advice. org by its members. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. He gets really guilty and worried but happy ending sorta Answer:  21 May 2018 Magnus gets hurt, Alec is losing his shit and Izzy gives advice. Jace hadn't realized how much he needed Alec until he was badly hurt. Please, Alec. This Community is entirely dedicated to the wonderful Character Alec Lightwood, created and brought into fictional life by the fabulous Cassandra Clare in her Mortal Instruments Book Series. Oh, the mischief they’d get themselves into. Net Adult-FanFiction. " Those words pierced through my heart sharply. SO MANY FEELS! Sad and cute at the same time, some humor, too. He moved fluidly towards him, raised his hand, and released orange magic at him. It hurt. He couldn’t hurt Alec, he didn’t want to and he was too exhausted from running here. you will be hurt. I don't see how that'd work. org (AFF, the site), its owners, agents, and any other entities related to Adult-FanFiction. If you're looking for a fanfiction that isn't listed on here, it's most likely one of my older/poorly written ones. IZZY POV ‘Shit, are you ok-… What happened?’ I exclaim while watching Alec, Magnus and Catarina step through a portal into the Alec ordered, grabbing onto his arm as he tried to push into the surgery wing of the institute. Sickfic mortal instruments Shadowhunters fanfic sick Alec Caring Magnus I  23 Apr 2017 alec vows to choose magnus every time kind of an angsty one here, but i always enjoy Alec knew how much his action had hurt Magnus. Alec half expects Magnus to start laughing after he says this, but he doesn’t. Forget (A Malec Fanfiction) read it on the AO3 at http://ift. I destroyed the love he had for me. » Alec turned away from you. OMG so I just figured out the word “hurt” it’s past, present and future. Hesitantly, Alec relaxed, leaning his head against Magnus' chest. This story is finished and the malec sequel for it is 'Courage and Parenthood'. He knew the demon's poison was probably slowly making its way to his heart at that moment. I broke him. Alec gets sick Elliot finally backed Alec up into a corner with a smirk on his face, "Come with me, Princess. «But you would be hurt. It's water. I shattered him into pieces. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. Someone he used to be. “Leave me alone, Y/N,” he sat down on the bed putting his head into his hands. He couldn’t explain how happy he was to see her. And, no one else gets killed— hurt. The brooding, dark-haired, blue-eyed Shadowhunter and his touching love affair with a sexy, sexy Warlock enchanted more than just me. Meanwhile, Kurt’s many talents are finally recognised at NYADA- both by the teachers and the other students… Tags: 50k-60k, hurt/comfort, romance, Kelliot The resident fanfiction nick sick The resident fanfiction nick sick When Rose and the Metacrisis Doctor are tragically and permanently separated, she flees to Broadchurch to get away from the memories. Org is not in any way associated with or related to FanFiction. Nov 17, 2013 · Alec had been out late the night before after a demon had been sighted not far from Magnus' house. It had taken him hours to locate and kill it and it had exhausted him. 2 Mar 2017 Alec gets injured on a mission. “There is nothing you can do but get in the way in there Jace. tt/21OAhNl by AngelDemonx What if instead of Magnus it was Alec who got kidnapped by Sebastian. Thanks to my friend, A. He’s serious. I promise. I got scared, because the feelings I have for you aren’t and I didn’t want to get hurt again. A sick burp escaped him and he shuddered, placing a hand over his mouth. ” Alec swallowed his tears. He was trying to get onto his knees, Alec wasn't lying down for anyone, even chat shadowhunters season 3 hiatus fic shawdowhunters fanfic fanfic fanfiction. Magnus gets hurt and Alec freaks Magnus Bane’s body convulses and curls around the open wound in his lower stomach, eyes flickering shut as his body begs to go dormant. . Alec shuddered on the ground, Magnus could see blood around the corners of (and get inside the institute–which is now mostly empty since shadowhunters  27 Oct 2017 Anonymous said: Magnus gets possessed/controlled and hurts Alec badly. Well guys, it's fanfiction day. He was aware that if something like that happened, Shadowhunters would get injured along the way; but he had never thought that he would be the one to get hurt. Title: We Could Keep it a Secret Author: mrsparkleson Pairing: Jace/Clary Rating: PG Summary: Jace and Clary; keeping secrets Where would we go to be together? How could we live? We could keep it a secret. Alec is rocking Magnus’ body back and forth as he cry’s into his hair. "Whatever I want to do you with you. The pain of the poison however wasn't enough to dull the pain in his heart. " He rubbed his nose against Alec's and smiled, kissing him gently. BECAUSE IF SOMETHING TRULY HURT, IT NEVER REALLY STOPS Mature friend of mine showing her big pussy and soft sexy soles i love kissing those soles when i fuck her An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. He’s tall, elegant and beautiful. Clary isn't a boy. Besides, I bet you want to see Magnus, don't you? You could always make a pit stop” Alec blushed. Perhaps Alec didn’t feel comfortable dating, and Magnus suddenly hoped he hadn’t overstepped his boundaries. “Alexander, that wasn’t the only reason I wanted to end our fake relationship. “I kind of figured with all the making out that it was implied,” Alec said finally and his face broke into a grin. But then again, Jace likely knew that already. Mar 08, 2017 · (Alec Lightwood x OC) When Xavier was rescued, Kohl became just a name. "I knew I shouldn't 'People, who hurt my Parabatai, get hurt back. Sick to the Core (Malec/Mortal Instruments fanfic) Fanfiction (Takes place after CoLS) Magnus has just dumped Alec and now the shadowhunter has begun to question his place on earth. Alexander "Alec" Gideon Lightwood Bane, or simply known as Alec Lightwood, is a Shadowhunter, Consul of the Clave-in-Exile, the husband of Magnus Bane and the older brother of Isabelle and Max, as well as the adoptive brother and parabatai of Jace Lightwood Herondale. If he made a 'pit stop' over in Brooklyn, he wasn't sure he'd be coming back tonight. “We didn’t Even though this was no excuse for lying to the Downworld leaders, Alec had always feared that if the Downworld knew about the Soul Sword, they would try and rebel against the Clave. If you can’t treat me like a fellow shadowhunter just because I’m yours, then I guess we’re over. malec shadowhunters malec fanfiction malec fanfic malec fic malec fluff malec  Sandwich Boy ~ By Dr. Sep 07, 2017 · A Jace and Alec Fanfiction This is a fanfiction created from The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare. You'll undoubtedly find a lot of Alec/Jace, a lot of Jace/Izzy, and a lot of Clary/Simon (not to mention Clary/Jace), but I don't know why anyone would want to write a Clary/Alec. Seeing him like this hurt. Hurt Alec Lightwood (394) Hurt Alec (369) Hurt/Comfort (306) Angst (283) Protective Magnus Bane (205) Hurt Magnus Bane (185) Emotional Hurt/Comfort (142) Fluff (141) Alec Lightwood Deserves Nice Things (129) Angst with a Happy Ending (103) Other tags to include Exclude ? Exclude Ratings Teen And Up Audiences (310) General Audiences (211) That look Alec had on his face was the portrayal of the guilt he was harboring. And now, I wanted him back. He feels unloved, depressed, upset, angry at himself, all the while Magnus refusing to help because he claims it to be Alec's fau Love and Despair - A Malec Fanfiction Fanfiction. This 'Godfrey Gao' wasn't even that attractive! Rated M for Chapter 2 Lemon. Only Kohl. Alec looked down at the girl who had a smile on her face and wrapped his arms around her. “Maybe. Facebook Google Login Google. She used her whip to get a hold of a hook on the ceiling to swing herself up while she attempted to injure her opponent from above. Apr 05, 2016 · Pairing: Alec x Male!reader (finally!) Requested by: Anonymous Request: hey love your writing could you do an alec x male reader imagine, where they’re both on a hunt and the reader gets hurt accidentally but even though its a small scratch, alec is totally protective and insists on applying an iratze rune, then alec tells reader how he couldnt bear the thought of letting him get hurt? Magnus gets hurt, Alec is losing his shit and Izzy gives advice. As soon as they arrived, Alec collapsed in Magnus' arms. She had her prized weapon, the electrum whip in one hand, and a seraph blade in the other. How will A compilation of the fanfictions and headcanons I've written so far, fics tagged 'wishfics' and headcanons tagged 'Charlotte writes headcanons' for convenience. 16 May 2016 The only answer he gets is Alec flipping their table on the side and “I'm a shadowhunter and a Lightwood, they might hurt me but they'll just  21 Aug 2019 Additional Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Magic Depletion, Hurt Alec Lightwood, Hurt Magnus Bane, How often to people from our school get famous? 27 Jan 2018 A short Malec sick fic, because I caught a cold :'( Alec had a sore throat and stuffy But still, Alexander should never get sick in the first place! 26 Mar 2017 I always love talking fanfic with people so if you find enjoyment from any of Alternate Dimension Alec gets trapped in the Shadowhunter reality at . “I’m so sorry Alec” Magnus repeats over and over again. They get in an argument when Alec tells him about his other crushes. Alec is rich and Magnus isn't, but they go to the same high school and all Alec wants is for Magnus to acknowledge Romance/Hurt/Comfort. "I don't care. H. Dani and Santana lay down the gauntlet for Elliott: Pick up the speed with Kurt before he gets snatched up again. This sto Alec finally lifted his blue eyes to Magnus and frowned, and Magnus raised his eyebrows, suddenly regretting asking. How will Mar 24, 2013 · Alec likes boys. OR. He grabbed her leg, pulling her down. And there’s a pirate brand on his arm. He couldn’t stab Magnus with it to get the demon out, it would hurt Magnus too. ” or the Pirates of the Caribbean AU May 30, 2017 · Alec’s expression was stubborn, but Simon couldn’t help having a flash of sympathy; the hurt behind his blue eyes was clear. “I get it.   27 Aug 2017 Story#1: When Clary gets hurt on Alec's watch, Jace is furious until he realizes that his parabatai is injured much worse. He’s generally well adept to deal with demon venom, and even better at avoiding occupying the same space as demons with venomous claws; at least the second part used to be true. net). ” “I could never hurt you, at least not intentionally. 24 Forgiven » by jacksonkane24 Magnus thought that he was the only one who Alec found attractive. “So Alec, who’s your friend,” Sketchy asked, walking up to the two of them. ” Apr 10, 2015 · Alec, Jace and Selene, however, were engaged in fighting off the other members. » You stormed out of the room before Alec even had the time to reach. Monster. This was the only thing he could do. Alec stood panting agony rushing through his body, as blood ran down his back. magnus consoles alec after a nightmare basically just fluffy fluff Magnus had clutched Alec until it stopped. Alec paused, suspicion clouding his eyes, and studied the boy in front of him. Disclaimer: This is a work of fanfiction using the characters from the 'Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments' television series. “Stop acting like an idiot, Alec,” I yelled at him after he had blamed everyone for Jace’s missing and stormed off to our room. It had been a hard fight and he'd been hurt, but he'd fixed himself up with an Iratze before he'd gone home. God knows how much I wanted to make it up to him. Takes place early in  (A Malec FanFiction. ) Jace glanced up at Alec, hurt and sorrow shinning in his golden eyes. IZZY POV ‘Shit, are you ok-… What happened?’ I exclaim while watching Alec, Magnus and Catarina step through a portal into the Sick Day = Malec Fanfic!! Quote: “There’s only one thing to do,” Izzy said with an angry toss of her head. This Pin was discovered by Maria Gabriela Torres. It won't hurt you. ~ It had been 5 hours since you had stormed out on Alec after abruptly breaking up with him. A Shadowhunters fanfic revolving around Kitty where it all begins with a kiss. Hope you like it! :) Thursday, 7 September 2017 A compilation of the fanfictions and headcanons I've written so far, fics tagged 'wishfics' and headcanons tagged 'Charlotte writes headcanons' for convenience. “Get off! Get off me!” Alec screamed, trying to punch Jace instead as tears started streaming down his face again “NO! Tell me what the hell is going on!” Jace held him down harder though Alec was very strong, he’d never seen his friend like this before and it hurt him more than he ever could have imagined. This is the start of part 3 of my fanfiction and it will also be chapter 11 when I get round to sorting it out :) enjoy! ~TA Magnus Bane. What will it take to get the shadowhunter in his bed? 18 Dec 2017 Asmodeus laughed as he bore his eyes into Alec's and Magnus' legs literally trembled in fear. you are hurt. Ever. Alec gets injured on a mission. " "What are you going to do with me?" Alec asked, beads of sweat forming along his forehead. This was my second fan fiction ever so excuse any cringe. “Alec finally looks up at the unfamiliar voice. «Fine. He had to lure the demon out somehow. "I'm getting you all wet," Alec protested but didn't make a move to get away. He looked at the girl and smiled Adult-FanFiction. It hurt me to see Alec like this, miserable because of me. My Broken Angel (MALEC Fanfic) [The Mortal Instruments MALEC FANFIC] "Demon. Magnus rose and turned to Alec. I exclaim while watching Alec, Magnus and Catarina step through a portal into the izzy lightwood shadowhunters season 3 shadowhunters fanfiction. Tears are streaming down his face and Magnus doesn’t think he’s ever seen Alec so weak before. Highest Ranking: #8 in malec Alec got his seraph blade ready. ” “I met Napoleon once,” said Magnus. Blind (fanfiction. That wall took too long to come down, Magnus wouldn't let Alec get into that dark place again. Get notified when I'm Sorry I Hurt You is updated. Alec never woke easily and never with details to tell Apr 25, 2016 · Browse through and read malec fanfiction stories and books . Angst and some mild smut are present in this fic. Little does she know her life will be turned upside down when she meets a man with a very familiar face. “No, I have to see her. you were hurt. They were dim, not bright enough to hurt Alec's head, but enough to see  23 Aug 2017 its-a-goddamn-heartbreak said: Alec getting food poisoning from Izzy's round at Magnus' for the evening (maybe he throws up before he gets there. His partner in crime had returned to him. ” Jace pleaded, going limp the longer Alec held onto him. I'll do whatever you please just don't hurt them. alec gets hurt fanfiction